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The Friends of Caltech Libraries Advocacy Council (The Friends) is devoted to the proposition that a great institution includes great libraries. The Friends seek to assist the Caltech Libraries and the Caltech Archives in developing scope and quality.Commitment to the Library’s diverse and important projects has made “friends” into “advocates”.

For more information or to be added to our mailing list, please contact: Friends @ library.caltech.edu or Robin Izon at 626.395.6411

Ongoing projects of the Caltech Library and the Caltech Archives:

Funds raised through The Friends sponsored events have contributed to the following:

Gifts and Donations

To make a monetary gift to the Friends of the Caltech Libraries you may do this by mail or by credit card through the Caltech Gifts site.

Download and complete form and mail payments to:

The Friends of Caltech Libraries
Millikan Library 1-32
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

To conveniently submit your membership using the Caltech Gifts secure credit card site, please click here: credit card payment. Please select Special Gifts from the first, then select The Friends of Caltech Libraries. This will ensure that your payment is credited appropriately.

Information on donating books