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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Only current Caltech students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to Caltech-licensed library resources.

JPL staff: please contact the JPL Library (library@jpl.nasa.gov) for available options.
Caltech staff at JPL: Our proxy server will not work for you at JPL. You will need to use VPN.

You are a remote user if your IP address falls outside the range 131.215.*.*. This includes Caltech offices at CSO, IPAC, LIGO, OVRO, and Palomar.

Step 1: Obtain an up-to-date access.caltech account.

Step 2: Use links on the library web pages.

Step 3 (Optional): Establish a VPN Account.

Step 4 (Optional): Install the Caltech Library Proxy bookmarklet.

Step 5 (Optional): Install LibX.

Step 6 (Optional): Configure Google Scholar.

Step 7 (Optional): Configure ADS