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Group Study Room Information

Room NameLocationCapacityEquipment Available
Group Study Room 218 (#2-1)
Group Study Room 220 (#2-2)
Group Study Room 229 (#2-3)
Group Study Room 231 (#2-4)
SFL 2nd Floor Room 218
SFL 2nd Floor Room 220
SFL 2nd Floor Room 229
SFL 2nd Floor Room 231
952" HDTV monitor with Mac workstation
Group Study Room 331 (#3-2)SFL 3rd Floor Room 3317Dell workstation and monitor
Multimedia Conference Room (MCR)

Key required; checkout at SFL Circulation Desk

SFL 3rd Floor Room 3282090" HDTV monitor with Mac workstation
AppleTV (Wi-Fi instructions)
Speaker phone: 626-395-3447
200 MillikanMillikan 2nd floor1242" HDTV monitor
AppleTV (video through AppleTV only) (Wi-Fi instructions)
Moveable tables and whiteboards

Library Group Study Room / Multimedia Conference Room Use Policy

The Multimedia Conference Room is for the use of Caltech students, faculty, and staff only, and group study rooms are designated primarily as collaboration and consultation spaces for students. It is not intended to be used by anyone for non-CIT purposes. In all other rooms, Caltech faculty, students and staff have priority over any other users.

Revised August 10, 2015