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Caltech Library Directory

General Library Informationhttp://library.caltech.edu626-395-***Location
Library Information 3405library @ caltech.edu
Library Hours Recording6414
The Friends of Caltech Libraries6411
Fax: 626-470-3008
friends @ library.caltech.edu
Reference Services3404library @ caltech.edu
Collection Development3404library @ caltech.edu
LIT Help Line 6775 helpdesk@library.caltech.edu
Circulation 3405 circ@library.caltech.edu
Library Administration Millikan 2nd floor
University Librarian Kristin Antelman 6416 Mil 209
Library Business AdministratorCatherine Geard6834Mil 207
Library Operations Manager Robin Izon 6411 Mil 208
Library Administrative AssistantMatt Buga4148Mil 210
Library Administrative AssistantJocelyn Yamasaki4153Mil 210
Acquisitions and Electronic Resources LibrarianHeather Wilson3419SFL 326
Access & Fulfillment Services
Head of Access & Fulfillment Services David McCaslin 6412 SFL 128
Circulation Viet Nguyen 6401 SFL 1st floor
Joanne McCole 3406
Jason Perez 3407
Michele Ilusorio 3405
  John Wade 6413
Collection Maintenance Andy Gaston 3433 SFL Basement
Kris Jolley 3495
Document Delivery/ Interlibrary Loan Dan Anguka 6437 SFL 1st floor
Fred Niblock, Ben Perez, Bianca Rios
Library Digitization AssistantLisa Fischelis6437SFL 1st floor
Archives http://archives.caltech.edu Beckman Institute 015
Senior Archivist for Collection ManagementMariella Soprano 2501
Archivist for Reader Services Loma Karklins 2704  
Associate Archivist for Digital Collections Development Elisa Piccio 2502
Processing ArchivistPenny Neder2702
Fax: 626-395-3149
Digital Library Development
Head of Digital Library DevelopmentStephen Davison6149 Mil 206
Digital Technologies Development LibrarianTommy Keswick1475Mil 214
Systems Librarian Laurel Narizny 6431 Mil 214
Research Data SpecialistTom Morrell3827Mil 214
Applications Development Betsy Coles3418 Mil 214a
Applications DevelopmentRobert Doiel6428Mil 214
Systems Administrator/Infrastructure and SoftwareShane Clarke 3412 Mil 214
Systems Administrator/Archival and Access Services Ian Roberts 6429
IT Services Specialist/TechLab ManagerChristine Ngo5287
Information Technology Services AssistantOlivia RamirezMil 214
Research Services
Head of Research Services Gail Clement 1203 SFL 329
Subject Specialist Librarians
Chemistry & Biology Donna Wrublewski 4930 SFL 318
Engineering George Porter 3409 SFL 331
Engineering Kristin Buxton 626-689-2491
GeologyGail Clement1203SFL 329
Humanities & Social Science Lindsay Cleary 4008 Dabney Library
Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy Joy Painter 2290 Cahill 151
Science & Technology Dana Roth 6423 Mil 214
Government Documents David McCaslin 6412 SFL 128
Ruth Sustaita (Sr. Library Support) 6419 N Mudd 206
Geology, Planetary Sciences & Map Collection Tony Diaz (Sr. Library Support) 6699 N Mudd 201
Cataloging/Serials Check In Phuong Trinh 6432 SFL 326
Digital Repository Librarian Kathy Johnson 6065 SFL 324
Digital Repository AssistantMelissa Ray 1295N. Mudd 201

updated 5-26-2016